Yazıcı Sayfası

Dear Shareholders,

Dear Partners,

Dear Employees,

Within the framework of the new administration’s management goals for augmenting Boydak Holding and group companies existing activities and the continuation of its sustainable structure, I have been appointed to the position of CEO on October 6, 2016

Turkish furniture industry’s leading brands under the Boydak Holding umbrella have been shaping the industry especially since 2000. Now these brands will continue their activities with an international shift. While our new management approach and vision for strengthening our existence in each industry of activity has been reanimated, we are ready to support our nation’s economy with the support of a team of professionals, each an expert of the Turkish market and consumer expectations and with vast experience in the international market so that we attain our goals and help Turkey reach its 2023 vision

Our main goal is to grow these colossal structures which have been built on the labor of all of its employees, without any damages so that they may improve their existence in the international arena under a new administration outlook. In achieving these, we are working on an even stronger and innovative system that will meet our consumers’ needs and expectations without fault. The new system will overcome the common problems prevalent in family operated companies and allow us to take decisions faster as well as take advantage of market opportunities with on the spot strategies. As a result of new implementations, we will focus on creating new employment opportunities by improving efficiency and turnover. In all we will be active contributors towards creating new regional and national values

There will be changes to the way we do business. I would like to share with you that this institution is rich in human capital. Our external partners are just as willing and ambitious in supporting the attainment of our goals, ready to provide all the support we request.

I would like to share frankly that these public structures shall attain the goals set for them by our new administration and will make their voices heard even louder in the upcoming period

Welfare has always been a priority amongst my goals. By “welfare” I mean peace and prosperity. First and foremost I value this corporation’s welfare, followed by the welfare and wealth of all its employees and stakeholders. Employee welfare is important. Without employee welfare there is no efficiency or sustainability. Acting on this principle, our founding priorities will be the welfare of all who labor within these structures and meeting our consumers’ expectations

Keeping with the times and always presenting the latest and best to our consumers.

We take strides towards our goals with our group’s innovative structure, passion for innovation, consumer feedback and expert team’s dedication to carrying our brands into the future. Our capacity for keeping up with the times, our desire and claims for presenting consumers with the latest and best continue to be determining values for us, marking our way towards the future. Our leadership mission shall continue in order to keep presenting our consumers with the very best, stay open to the demands of the new age and provide innovation beyond consumer expectations.

Our brands shall gain ground in new markets

In line with our sustainable growth strategy for the upcoming periods, each of our brands shall attain new ground and strengthen existing standing through new investments to be undertaken in their support. While we exist in over 100 countries with activities carried through brands under the Boydak Holding company umbrella, adding new countries to our portfolio is a priority amongst our goals. We strive to present our products to more consumers and meet their demands and expectations immediately. Our widespread dealer and sales network will be supportive as always in carrying us towards our goals.

Dear Business Partner,

I’d like to let it be known that Boydak Holding is ready to grow and support the regional economy and improve Kayseri’s vision with the same determination that has helped it achieve success in key business areas in conjunction with the cooperation of local, national and international suppliers as well as business partners, putting to action local dynamics for the greater good.
These 34 companies operating in 7 different industries shall face no limitations to their growth and development. Just the opposite, each segment of society supports the administration and growth of these businesses with vigor. I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to each of our consumers, employees and business partners for their ongoing support.