Boydak Energy

Yazıcı Sayfası
Title: Boydak Energy Production and Trade C.O.
Established: 13.01.2010
Capital: 610.000.000,00 TL
Number of employees: 72
Description of activity: Electricity Production

About Us:

Boydak Holding established the firm Boydak Energy Production and Trade C.O. on 13.01.2010 with the objective of investing in another sector open to development and growth such as energy in addition to the sectors it is currently leader in, and entered into energy sector.

Boydak Enerji was firstly awarded with 14th Group Hydroelectric Power Plant Privatization tender put out in scope of privatization and included in its portfolio the Hydroelectric Power Plants within this group.

Accelerated its investments, Boydak enerji became 50% partner of Nisan Elektromekanik Enerji San. ve Tic. A.Ş. of 144 MWe installed capacity on 10.08.2010 and increased the regional diversity of the generation plants.

Not interrupted its investments, Boydak Enerji became the 70% partner of Muradiye Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. that holds the rights of two hydroelectric power plants of 42 MWe installed power on 17.09.2010 and increased its installed capacity to189 MWe.

Embarked with the objective of resource and regional diversity in power generation in renewable energy resources, Boydak Enerji acquired Bora Rüzgar El. Ür. ve Tic. San. A.Ş. that holds the rights of Çanta RES project of 45 MWe installed power in 2011, commissioned its whole in 2014 and reached 250 MWe installed power potential.

Upon completion of the Hydroelectric and Wind Power Plants in the ongoing investment process, its entire generation portfolio is planned to be commissioned in early 2015.

Also interested in EÜAŞ privatizations and the other renewable energy sources on the other hand, Boydak Enerji plans to increase its investments within this direction. To prioritize purchases of hydroelectric and wind power plants at the stages of construction and licensing in the short term, Boydak Enerji aims to develop solar, geothermal or bioactive projects at the following stages and to become one of the few energy companies in Turkey that generates power with renewable energy resources.

Affiliated Companies :

Muradiye Electricity Production C.O.
Gün Güneş Enerjisi Electricity Production Industry and Trade C.O.
Betim Energy Investment Production C.O.
Sibelres Electricity Production C.O.
Havares Electricity Production C.O.